DIY Rainbow Fire! The TKOR Guide On How To Make Colored Flame Easy! Rainbow Fire31.7

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Hey guys! I'm Nate. Welcome back to the workshop.

Today we're going to do some fun experiments with fire

and specifically, we're gonna see if we can create a nice rainbow effect

using different types of chemicals mixed in with our flames.

We got a couple of different sources of fuel and whole lot of different chemicals

that we can try mixing into our flames.

Let's see which ones give us the best result!

We had two different versions of this HEET(TM) product which is designed to help clean your engine.

We've got some 91% isopropyl alcohol and some 70% isopropyl alcohol

and we'll see what color each of these burns on its own and what we want to try use as our fuel source.

These little pieces of aluminium were just some tea light candles that I popped the candle out of.

Let's see what color each of these burn...

Well we have a very bright yellowish-orange color . We have a sightly more subdued yellowish-orange color.

A very pale yellow-orange color.

And one that in this amount of light, you can barely see but it mostly looks blue.

It's almost invisible. Let's try turning off the lights and see how things look.

Our blue flame is a little bit more visible. It's still pretty clear.