HOW TO USE COLORED PENCIL - Guide for Beginners

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hey everybody welcome back to my channel

in today's video I'm going to be going

through a full guide for color pencils

for beginners and so by the end of this

video you will know everything you need

to get started with this medium

including the materials you'll need how

to pick colors and also I'll be going

through loads of different techniques

that you can apply to your drawings to

make them look amazing

once I've gone through all of that I'll

demonstrate how you can use all of these

tips on a piece of artwork I will be

demonstrating how I did this

strawberry study which is also available

over on my patreon as a real-time

tutorial for those of you that want to

improve your drawing skills and level up

your colored pencil artwork but now

let's get into the video let's start off