Coloring book tips and techniques using colored pencils

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hi I'm Patricia Kucha artist and

illustrator and for those of you who

like to color I'd like to give you some

tips and a technique today to use when

you're coloring I'm gonna start with my

book created called in the garden

volume 1 it's available on Amazon a

hand-drew all of these illustrations

their nature based drawings I use a

pigma micron archival ink when I am

drawing with pen in case you're

interested in that when I do color I

prefer to use prismacolor colored

pencils most artists use these they're

really great vibrant colors they blend

really well they can be a bit pricey so

I suggest you start with a small set

something like this that has the primary

colors and the great thing about

prismacolor pencils is you can buy

individual colors so if you need a