HOW TO DYE YOUR BEARD LIKE A PRO - Fix Patchy Color, Cover Gray Hairs with Just For Men

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hey what's going on guys welcome to my

channel my name is Weston Boucher if

you're new here click that subscribe

button is there gonna have new videos

each and every week so today I'm gonna

talk about how I go about dyeing my

beard as throughout the year as a

professional model I have to sometimes

look like I'm on the younger demographic

restrict certain clients or shoots maybe

like early 30s and then I have to go to

push it into late 30s into early 40s so

because of that I've tried to find a way

to really really make the dial of

convincing and if you don't want to die

you want to do something less permanent

I'm gonna have some tips at the end of

this video as well for some other

semi-permanent options that are pretty

awesome and they are waterproof as well