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hey guys it's muhammad here i hope you

are all doing well

today's video is going to be about me

showing you some ways you can actually

cheat during an online proctored exam

i know it sounds crazy but watch this

video but before

we begin i just want to say please

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maybe i could uh help you guys out and

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a video like this which is why i have

compiled this information into one video

uh i thought it would be helpful and

useful because there are people

searching for this like me

i was just i was searching for this and

i could

barely find anything online it's crazy

however so

i i decided to just make this all into

one video so if you don't know what a

proctored exam is it's an exam

where your professor actually watches

you through your webcam

um on your laptop and then and that

sounds crazy i know

so basically he or she might use a


mine is using underlock when i first

heard that on the first day of class i

got a little bit

nervous and i kind of died a little bit

inside honestly so what happens is that

the ai software

it will detect for any suspicious

activity like for example it will lock

all your programs

and you can't open up new new tabs

and also you cannot use your phone


this ai software can track secondary

devices like smartphones via wi-fi

actually via ip address so i'm going to

talk more about that later and it will

look for facial expressions that will

count as

suspicious activity also once you take

this test make sure that you don't leave

the room because they will count that

as suspicious activity as well it will

also make you verify

that you are actually the one taking the

test like you have to get your student


and you and you have to let the camera

scan it

and you have to literally pick up your

laptop and scan the whole room to make

sure that there's nobody else in there

helping you

another thing it will look for is in


you have something on your desk like you

have to

give like a whole scan and you have to

show what's on your desk as well and you

have to keep your phone away okay now

that i got that out of the way let me

show you some ways you can actually

cheat during your online

examination because these tips are

actually pretty dang good and they're

really nice okay the first one is what

you want to do is go to microsoft word


you don't even have to go there but if

you can

get a normal piece of paper like you

would print and

cut that in half and just write down

your notes

small but not too small large enough

that you can read them

and this will definitely help you with

your examination and what you want to do


place this right above your keyboard on

your laptop

and on the very below part of the screen

if that makes sense

this is a blind spot where your webcam

cannot pick up and my advice is

you can even print out a sheet

and just actually cut it in half after

you've typed in

like your super small font i'm pretty

sure there's a way in

um a microsoft word that you can make it

really small

and just make sure that the words are on

like a certain

bottom left corner of the paper if that

makes sense

but yeah you can do that and that is

super super helpful as well the second


is get your phone and this is pretty

similar to the first one but

make sure that you have your phone and

the thing is that

try to hide your phone before you do the

whole 360 scan thing

that way your professor cannot even pick

it up in the first place so

if you've done that properly what you

want to do is just

put your phone and don't put it super

far from you because

ai software will actually look for

suspicious activity

in terms of where your hands actually

are and how fast you type guys i mean

this is like some crazy stuff so what

you want to do is try to find a black or

white case any case that will match the

color of your desk

that you put your phone on so then that

way that

they can't see it when you're when you

are doing your 360 scan

and this is really helpful because once

it's really close by to you and they

can't see it once you start the

exam you can just literally just grab

your phone quickly and just put it

on the same spot that you would put your

paper for the first method

and just literally read off your phone

and just scroll to just

lightly scroll and

they will not be able to see you the

third technique is that right before you

start to test

make sure that you actually dim the

lights don't turn them don't turn the

lights off

but just dim them the laptop will not

probably pick this up because it will

always try to

adjust the screen itself to make it look

like real life so like for

example if it's kind of dark it will

bump up the exposure through the webcam

but your professor will not even

notice so what you want to do is do that

and then turn up your

screen brightness to maximum and if you

wear glasses like me

which i'm not wearing at the moment

if you wear glasses like me and what you

want to do

is just turn up the brightness so

this is a bad example because there's so

much light right now but

you wanna get as much glare as you can

so then that way when you are looking at

the tests it will be kind of bright if

you were on your laptop it would be much

bigger on your glasses and you can


just look at your phone and the

professor and the ai software cannot

pick up your eyes because it is being

hidden by glare and that's actually one

of the things that the

software searches for in terms of


activity as well as facial expressions

it's not a perfect

system but our goal is to minimize now

this next method is super super useful

guys you want to use this if you want to

use your phone during

an exam which i'm sure you do so once


grab your phone that was near you and

that was disguised

during the scanning before the

exam took place what you want to do is

get that phone

and just first of all turn off the wi-fi

right before the test starts so then

that way

once you turn on your phone they cannot

find your secondary

device via the ip address which is how

they find

secondary things like that so what you

want to do is just turn your wi-fi off

right before the test starts and

you want to turn on your 4g mobile data

because they can't track this down this

does not have the same ip address that

wi-fi has because they're two separate


the wi-fi is its own thing the 4g is

your own service that

you are paying for it's separate from

wi-fi so if you use your 4g

during your phone i mean i mean during

your exam

uh they can't track it as a secondary


so it will be perfect so you just want

to do that combined

with the other technique with the phone

right above the keyboard

and you should be good to go so

this is actually a really good way to

cheat guys seriously so that's pretty

much it for my

ways that you can actually cheat during

an online proctored exam

i hope this video was helpful i really

hope you guys can subscribe it would be

awesome and the reason why i made this

video like i said is that nobody is

like talking about it which is crazy

because when because on my first day of

class when my teacher said we are going

to be taking in

online exam on something called honor

lock i was like what's that then i

searched it up in my heart died even

though that i

looked calm with all that aside i hope

you guys like this video please please

please comment down below

your successful stories when it comes to

cheating during

in an online exam i would love to hear

it and i want to incorporate it into a

video i can keep you

anonymous as well if that's what you

would like alright guys