20+ Tricks to Charge Phone Battery Faster and Safer

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These days, people need 4 things to survive: food, water, air, and phone charging. And

YouTube – oh, that’s five. Anyway, we want our phones to charge as fast as possible,

even if it means messing up our little digital friends! Well, there’s a right way to charge

your gadgets fast so they serve you longer – and there’s some wrong ways! Avoid the

myths and try these tips!

1. The quickest way to juice up is to turn the phone off. The battery won't spend any

energy at all and will charge faster.

2. The phone also charges faster in Airplane Mode because it disconnects all communication

channels. That way, the battery isn’t juggling the task of sending and receiving signals

while it’s getting some much-needed refreshment.

3. If you can’t go without Internet while you’re phone’s charging, at least try

to stick to Wi-Fi. It’s more energy-efficient than using your mobile network.

4. Turn off the sound so the charge lasts longer, and don't forget the vibration! It’s

a real energy waster.

5. The phone will charge much quicker if you do it through an outlet. Of course, you can

use USB to charge it through the computer and car, but you’ll have to wait longer.

6. Use an original charger from the manufacturer. It perfectly matches the characteristics of

your particular phone. Cheaper and unknown charging devices can ruin the battery. There

have even been cases when batteries caught fire because of a poor-quality charger!

7. If you head out and don't take your laptop with you to a cafe, on a trip, or to work,

it’s best if you remove the battery. That way, it’s not sitting there all alone using