How to charge 18650 battery without a charger

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hello everybody I'm gonna present you

today how to charge this CDT on ion cell

or 18 650 cells so that gets that we're

going to get a once-in-a-lifetime

opportunity to join the party - no catch

no money no skills required right and so

we have this 18 650 cell as you can see

here and we'll use it in most of the

videos these cells are very different

than the led acid cells and batteries as

well but they are very useful and very

dangerous as well alright so stay tuned

you're going to learn how to charge it

what you will need and how to bid

properly all right so let's proceed

alright first thing first when you're

going to have a little ion cell you have

to have in mind some specification you

know the voltage 2,000 years later

so the voltage is 3.5 when it's flat 3.7

nominal and 4.2 fully charged yeah so