How to Charge A Deep Cycle Battery

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hey guys and welcome back to the channel

I just wanted to do a quick little video

here on charging your 12-volt deep-cycle

battery so the first thing you want to

do is check the water inside to make

sure that you know you're not missing

any that you know it didn't evaporate or

spill Oh during the summer so you want

to pry up this little cover here you

take this off and you can see it's all

wet around there and you can look inside

and you can see the water is to the

level of the little cylinders and that's

good I'm gonna get a little rag here

wipe that off this battery was outside

basically six months and you know I

refilled it in the spring and you want

to use distilled water you don't want to

use just regular tap water you have to

get distilled and you know I like I said

I had it outside all summer and none of