Charging a Car Battery with a Solar Panel and Charge Controller

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okay this is a demonstration of how not

to charge a car battery a solar panel

you take the cable from the solar panel

and you don't plug it directly into the

battery and the reason you don't do that

is because although initially you get a

nice safe charging voltage 13.5 volts it

very rapidly climbs above that and these

high voltages the battery will start

gassing it will start producing hydrogen

and oxygen the electrolyte will start

bubbling and eventually the battery will

be destroyed so let's disconnect that

and do it the proper way this is another

proper way involves the use of one of

these this is a solar charge controller

and what we do is we connect it to the

battery whereupon little light lights up

and then we connect the solar panel to

the charge controller okay so there's

the arrangement now if we look at the