How to Charge a Marine Battery

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howdy all right guys today we're I'm

going to show you how to charge a

battery specifically a marine battery as

it is essential to do as we constantly

drive and motor it's important to upkeep

your marine battery so it doesn't die

out on you while you're on the water so

this is a very easy simple process guys

I have a battery charger here and with

the cables and in this case I have two

batteries I have one that is strictly

for the motor and then I have another

one for my trolling motor so I just got

done charging this one for the main

motor here and then now I'm going to go

ahead and charge this one here which is

for my trolling motor it's really easy

guys you have a minus and a plus

and all you do is you put the minus on

the minus terminal and the plus on the

plus terminal and just always remember