How to charge 12v battery without charger in theory

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hello everybody today I'm gonna present

you how to make a proper charger for

your 12 volt battery so let's get going

to get a once in a lifetime opportunity

to join the party - no catch no money no

skills required previous video I show

you how to calculate the amps of your

charger to be able to charge this 12

volt battery in order for measuring and

sizing the proper charger to your 12

volts battery we have to have in mind

some some parameters first one is if

you're gonna have a charger that's going

to provide 14 volts and zero point let's

say 1,550 amps it's gonna be an

universal charger for your battery but

it's gonna take longer hours for you to

charge this battery further on if you

don't have a proper charge that's gonna

provide 14 volts and you're gonna have

something less let's start with 5 volts