How to: charging, discharging and installing capacitors

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in today's video I'm going to show you

about capacitors specifically for car

audio uses this one here that I have in

front of me is a 3.2 farad standard 12

to 24 volt DC powered capacitor so this

one here has just a standard dual post

on the top 1 4 negative 1 vu positive it

also has an LED with a LCD readout so

it's that's the LED is just there for

bling-bling to make it look nice this

here is going to give you the actual

surface voltage readout so that way it

looks nice and as well as has a

functionality of telling you what the

voltage is which is a very cool feature

because in car audio when you have

something like this capacitor installed

it's typically because you have a huge

amplifier drawing a ton of amperage and

you're worried about your voltage

dropping so your amps don't start