How to Charge Dead Golf Cart Batteries - Reviving Dead 6v & 8v Golf Cart Batteries FAQ

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welcome to another episode of frequently

asked questions the question I get a lot

is I just got back from vacation I've

been going for a little while I'll plug

my charger in and it's not coming on

first thing I always have everybody do

is to check the voltage in the battery

bay 99.9% of the time the batteries are

weak or almost dead your battery charger

has got a relay in it it has to sense a

certain DC voltage and a certain AC

voltage before it will come on and

properly charge the batteries if the

voltage is not high enough it's just not

going to come on what I'm going to show

you next is how to charge your batteries

with your data are extremely weak so

that your battery charger will function


first as always since we're dealing with