8BitDo SN30 Pro Controller Review | Its Problems and How I Fixed Them

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this is the 8-bit Doh SN 30 Pro

Bluetooth gamepad now 8-bit dough is

known for making clone controllers and

supposedly these are good qualities so I

figured I'd give it a try I went for the

SN 30 Pro which is a Super Nintendo

controller but it has some extra little

bits and bobs on it like extra triggers

and analog sticks you can get them in

European skittle flavor but I went with

the American version as it's the

patricians choice they used to have a

non pro version on their website that

didn't have extra analog sticks or

triggers but it looks like they took

them down and they're gonna sell an

updated version this holiday maybe I'm

gonna go ahead and tell you this

controller sucks at least for what I got

it for I'll talk about that later but

first I'll tell you the features it's