How to Set Up and Use the eGo w/ CE4 650mAh Blister Pack Starter Kit -

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hey guys Dustin here from my freedom

smokes calm do a quick video today on

probably one of the most popular

products that we sell here at my freedom

smokes that is the ego with ce4 650 mah

blister pack starter kit and it's easy

to see why this is so popular basically

you know it's a blister pack so it's in

a retail package we have actually have a

lot of wholesale customers that buy this

from us and resell it in their stores so

it's because it's got a really nice

packaging to it it does come with one

650 ml battery you have a CF or

clearomizer and a USB charger so it has

everything that you need to get rolling

in terms of vaping right away and it's

relatively cheap we sell it at 14.95 for

the booster pack starter kit at my

freedom smokes calm you can find it in

the electronic cigarette starter kits