808 CANZ Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Unboxing, First Look and Test

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everyone this is Dan from D H TV and

today we're gonna be taking our first

look and unboxing the 808 cans bluetooth

wireless speaker let's get started

alright so the 808 cans speaker is a

very compact and portable speaker as you

can see and it's actually one of the

best priced speakers i've been able to

find as well

now I haven't listened to the sound but

I did read some reviews and it seems to

be a very good sounding speaker for the

price range now I picked this up for

about $30 I will link you in the

description down below usually you could

pick it up for around 30 to 40 dollars

depending on where you purchase it but

there will be a link for you if you want

to pick it up for yourself or just to

read some more reviews and get more

information on the product so inside the