How to charge 7s or 8s lipo batteries with ISDT T8 Charger

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hi guys it's um I'll see wizard here

yeah I thought I'd give you well discuss

I guess some of the issues I've had to

kind of help you guys out and I kind of

look on YouTube to find out information

I wish there was more on them I know

people have done reviews on this I is

dt/t ape but you know battery charger

for 8s batteries because I did buy buy

these 8s batteries and honestly then had

to buy that you know buy the charger to

charge these because you can't charge

them with a 6s

strangely enough lipo charger so bought

this and clearly because it's designed

to you know for them to sell in every

country so they don't sell it with the

mains power you know they sell it with a

mains power lead all it says is input

and 12 240 volts that's all well and

good but um so I thought okay well I'll