Apple Watch - How to charge the apple watch

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how's it going viewers thank you guys

for watching my video in this video I

will be showing us how to charge the

Apple watch as you guys can see I got

the little charged button it's out of

power no matter what you do it's just

done shows the time and that's it it's

looking to get plugged in with the Apple

charger there was the actual charger and

it plugs into the little adapter that

plugs in the wall or you could plug it

in the computer there are two sides to

this there's one that has this little

dip in it and the other side is flat the

side that's flat that will not work you

will need to plug it in this side here

the one that's got the little dip in it

and the weight charge it is there is the

circle here on the back of your watch

and you just go ahead and set it on

there it is magnetic so it will click