Charge LiPo Batteries - HOW-TO

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uh Roger Nam Adam welcome to another one

of our cheap street shops how-to videos

and what are we how to in today today

we're going to how to how to charge a

lipo battery so easily the most common

upgrade we want to do the shop is people

going from difficult hydrolyzed to lipos

and now nickel metal batteries tend to

be pretty straightforward yeah kinda

idiot-proof yes charge you'll feel a lot

was a breeze whole different story

right lithium batteries you can abuse

you're going to recharge you can treat

them pretty rough and I will not kill

you and we need to take a moment here

maybe even flash baked bread letter

warning warning this is incredibly

important you can literally kill

yourself or burn your home down cause

property damage if you miss biscuit

treat your liquid mistreat a lipo