how to charge a 6v motorcycle battery with 12v charger

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okay super quick video charging a six

volt battery with a 12 volt battery

charger and snap-on surgery and they

charges 12 volts it's got a low medium

and high setting an engine start setting

and you can safely charge a 6 volt

battery these mystics volts you can see

it at the very bottom there should be a

6 volt battery and the negative from the

battery chargers look for the negative

terminal actually to the frame in this

case and then comes out I've got the

positive hook to these two alligator

clips wires going back the wires are

hooked to one side of this halogen bulb

the positive is on the from the charger

is on the other side of the hell is

involved and you can see it's glowing

dimly and I will show you if I can

what it's turkey yet