Charging 6V Batteries in Series (Part 1)

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okay the story here is ever since the

cars came I've been having battery

issues for the merc essentially this

battery I bought in September of last

year in Trenton when we were having so

many problems trying to get the ignition

solenoid to activate the nearest we can

tell is that it's not actually a six

volt solenoid because neither of these

batteries was able to close the solid

mode and keep it closed

but that aside this was still the

battery that was in the car when it was

delivered there was no accessories on

but it was still hooked up I don't

believe that yeah it was still connected

so some kind of leakage somewhere and it

was flat stone-dead my multimeter it was

like point zero four milliamps or some

crazy-ass thing just like zero so I

tried to charge it but it was so low