How to Charge and Test Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Batteries

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now hitting them with a battery charger

is this wirless really important if you

do not have a battery charger that is

AGM compliant and typically there are

newer chargers that are digital and when

you hook them up it says conventional or

AGM you choose one or the other if you

choose AGM the battery taper rate will

look like we're seeing on the screen it

will charge it between thirteen point

eight fourteen point six typically

depend on the temperature that it's

detecting when it goes to charge the

battery and then it will float between

13 four and fourteen point six so these

are some specs actually on the top of

the battery label on AGM batteries that

have a little bit of information about

testing them so if in doubt if your

battery charger does not ask

conventional or AGM then you want to err