650 Battery 101: How to Use Instructions

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in this video we will be going over how

to use the ooze 650 great a battery on

the back of the battery there are

printed instructions that you can follow

along as we go the 650 battery works

with any 510 thread click the button

five times within two seconds to turn

the battery on it will flash indicating

that it is on the 650 mah battery has a

20-second autoshop to activate the

preheat mode click the button two times

then you will see a green light

indicating that it is on the turn to

preheat mode off all you have to do is

click the button once to charge a 650

battery all you need is it was charger

screw it on and plug it into a wall plug

in this video we were using a dual USB

adapter also known as to whose plasma

once the USB charger is inserted to a

wall plug the charger light will turn