How to charge at home the right way – BMW How-To

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Plug-in Hybrid and electric vehicles should be charged at home the right way.

BMW offers a charging cable that can be used for charging at a domestic socket.

This charging cable features LEDs to give you information about the status.

The meaning of the LEDs is explained on the back side of the charging module.

Please make sure that the socket you would like to use has been checked by an electrician.

Place the cable carefully on the ground in the right direction or hang the cable using the loop.

Connect the charging cable to the domestic socket first.

It is not allowed to use an extension cable between the charging cable and the socket.

The green Power LED indicates readiness and you can connect your vehicle.

In case of a charging failure, please try to restart the charging process by reconnecting the charging cable.

You can also try a different socket checked by an electrician.

After you are done with charging your BMW, you can only unplug the charging cable when your BMW is unlocked.

Unplug the vehicle first before you unplug the cable from the socket.

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