How to charge a Wax Pen Battery without a charger

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to build your charger you're gonna need

a normal USB cord and one of those block

thanks after that you're gonna have to

go through your USB cords and figure out

which ones have four cords inside of

them and which ones have three for

example this one has a green white and

red cord while this one has green white

black in red black and red to find each

wire in the cord you have to get a pair

of scissors just plainly cut the the

middle of the cord and then you're gonna

have to get rid of this metal coating

hairs looking things and then just pull

them back and you will have to also bend

the white and green wires back so that

they don't get in the way after this

you're gonna have to get nail clippers

and gently like bite down on the red

wire and then consecutively onto the