How to charge any E cig without a charger

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hello guys what's up its [ __ ]

just kidding its high winds TW and Here

I am today with a tutorial video umm I

call I saw a couple videos like this

online but they were crappy kind of like

this one sorry for the quality my phone

sucks but uh this video might actually

help you a little bit more on how to

charge your ecig if I can find it how to

charge an e-cig battery with nothing but

a android charger and a power outlet um

this is a temporary temporary method for

those who have not they don't have a you

know one of those shitty little screw

USB chargers and this is just a

temporary method if you're trying to get

your mate or token as I am I'm trying to

use my butterball I think a couple

slurps but um I cannot without this

being charged so that one actually

already charged a little bit but just to