Recharging A Scooter Battery "How To"

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hey guys in the fast lane here today I'm

going to show you how to recharge a gy6

scooter battery the first thing you're

going to want to pick up is a battery

charger you can get them at Walmart

autozone discount any auto parts store

first step you're just going to go ahead

pull the format just pops right out set

that aside we're going to take off this

cover right here couple Phillips head

screws now we're going to go ahead and

pull the cover up set that aside now

here's your battery it is a 12 volt

battery not a 6 volt battery pull the

rubber boots slide them back red is for

positive you clip it on there and black

is for negative set your battery charger

to 12 volts if it's at 6 volts just

simply slide it over 6 volts is for a

deeper slower charge and 12 volts is for

a quicker charge now if you have a 6