How to Balance Charge a 4S LiPo battery using iMax B6 charger (Tattu R-Line 1300mAh)

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okay let's see how to charge a four cell

lithium polymer battery one two three

and four cells are inside this battery

it has a balance board plug this has

five pins you can charge it here and it

has an X 260 connector and you can

charge it there also okay and I will use

this charger imax b6 okay and this one

receives the power from here through

this plug inserted there it says DC 11

and 18 volts okay and I'm going to power

it from a car battery charger 12 volts

DC for cars okay the other end has some

crocodile connectors

okay so let's analyze this one first

so we have the enter and exit buttons or

stop and in the middle we have the

arrows left and right so currently is on

the car battery the lead acid and it's

set for charging so let's see left and

right all of them are related to that