How to Charge your Golf Cart Batteries Manually if your charger will not turn on

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hey I'm Matthew McCulley's golf cart

across Hill Tennessee a common problem

that I get calls about a lot because

somebody's been gone for a few months

their charger has been plugged up the

whole time they get home they unplug the

charger they give them the golf cart and

try to go but their cart is dead

it's a misconception for most golf cart


like these here these are the chargers

that would typically come with most golf

carts and while they while they are

automatic chargers in that they cut off

automatically they don't automatically

sits where the batteries are and keep

kicking back on and off in order to

maintain your batteries so after a month

or two months being gone or it's that

you're gone for the winter and you come

back a lot of times if your batteries