How to charge 48 volts battery bank on 12 volts

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hello this is the picture that shows how

I wear these four batteries to charge

them 12 volt they are used to power my

electric scooter so as I said my

original charger has been out so to find

the cheap alternative I've are all these

four batteries to charge them 12 volts

and then I simply plug this connector

together I got 48 volts so when you

disconnect this you can charge on 12

volts as you see this is the plus

positive this is from the first butter

it is go to the ploop original plug to

the electric scooter

this is that wire you can see from one

water it is always connected now you got


between batteries have minutes and

positive this go to the connector one to

male and one to female between you can

see and the rest you do with the next