Charging R-410A Refrigerant: Step By Step Process of Adding Refrigerant in Real Time!

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hey guys it's easy service ii today what

we're looking at is how to charge a

forty nine refrigerant system alright

that has a t --xv so it uses the t hv is

a metering device inside at the

evaporator coil okay so what we're gonna

do to check the subcooling is we're

going to check the high side gage

alright because you need some point to

check us with TX peas and check the high

side gage and we're gonna check the

pressure which is presently at roughly

285 PSIG follow it down it's at about 92

degrees saturated temperature in the

middle of the condenser coil alright so

that's coming off the high side line

right here as well we have a temperature

sensor right here hook through our

multimeter so we can check the