How to Properly Charge HVAC with 410A after pulling a Vacuum

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hey guys so I'm having an interesting

issue with my air conditioning system

which I wanted to share how I'm gonna be

approaching to fix it so basically my

unit was turning on and off on and off

and basically I came in and checked the

pressure and when I tested the pressure

it was pretty low you know so there was

some refrigerant in there but wasn't a

whole lot was showing me around 50 psi

you know which is pretty low so that

kind of gave me an indication that my

gas has leaked you know so for 10 a

system about 10 year old and so I

decided to pull up a queue and see if

the lines have any leak you know I kind

of suspect my valve is leaking the

parker valve what I did was I changed my

Schrader valve course you know these are

the new course but I just removed them