How to charge mini split yourself, DIY 410a refrigerant, save money!

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okay everyone thank you for tuning into our youtube channel once again and

previously we had done a video on how to check your mini-split make sure that

your refrigerant is okay and as we showed you on that previous video the

PSI was around 50 or 60 and ideally you want it to be around 120 so this is your

setup so you can do it yourself and save yourself some money from having to hire

a an HVAC contractor get these gauges they're very inexpensive and and then

you connect your blue hose with an adapter that we also mentioned down at

the accessport do not connect to these these are just two you'll see there's

like we mentioned in the previous video this is just to release refrigerant into

the system or close it when you bring the refrigerant back into the system but

anyway you got your blue hose connected to that and then your yellow hose

connected to a tank of refrigerant now these can come in different colors but

what you want to make sure is that it reads for 10a and I think that's on here

right there you want to make sure you before you fill it in that you open your

first you want to connect your pipes of course your your hoses and you want to

make sure that they're tight we'll make sure that all your valves are closed

including the one down there and then what you're going to do is you're going

to open to release the refrigerant into the line but you want to make sure this

is closed right here so you're going to open that at the

bottom and what I'll do is I'll provide links where you can get it so you can

get it yourself I know local areas will not sell it to