Checking Refrigerant Charge for R-410a Condensing Units Using Sub-cooling Method

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warning these videos are designed for

HVAC professionals only please please do

not attempt this on your own stuff

welcome to Tec - I'm Dave Herman with

tech support today we're gonna go over

AC charging and we're gonna use the

preferred method of sub cooling to check

the charge on this unit to charge it if

necessary or remove charge if that's

also needed okay we're at the unit we

have our gauges here we have a 3 port

gauge set up here sometimes you have a

four port this gauge set up our high

sides a red hose our low side is our

blue hose so we're gonna get those

hooked up to the unit right now highside

gonna be put on first that's hooked up

on the tuner that's on the left and it's

gonna be our smaller line size to 3/8

line on this unit you get that tied in