Old R22 to 407c charge, Reach-in cooler

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hey what's up to doers

this is Paulo again and we're back

charging the unit we kind of find the

leak we fix it I guess we're gonna have

to charge it now and Carlos he's doing

it for us today so it's gonna charge

liquid refrigerant to the unit this is

originally a r22 system and now we know

retrofit to for 7c all right so I'm just

gonna show you the crew actually oh yeah

this recording here we go

say hello there you go Angelo say that

there's salt oh there you go

oh he got it he got something same thing

okay so this is Carlos it's gonna do the

charging of the system so right now the

system is in the vacuum actually the

vacuum pump is running so Carlos go

ahead and do what you have to do all

right let's see biggest fire in this pot

but I don't think he's gonna get fired