How to Add Freon or Refrigerant to a Walk In Cooler or Freezer with Sight Glass

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hey my name is Ben thanks for stopping

by today I'm working on a walk in the

freezer condensing unit and I'm going to

be adding some freon to it to plumb the

step gets or the process that I use to

do that so first things first we are

going to take our low side Gage and

connect it to the low side of the

compressor the low side is going to be

the larger size pipe or usually the one

that is insulated so right here kind of

this type of connection I'll show you

how it works really quick this is

basically a valve that I can fully shut

off or open obviously so if some and the

way this works is typically it's all the

way open like this so I've got this all

the way open and even a little bit of

pressure in order to keep it anyway

so when this is all the way open this

port is actually closed so you will not