How to recharge a non-rechargeable button cell (Remake)

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what is the match the tech made here

this video is a remake of one of my old

videos how to pull each other button

sale very misleading title indeed well

let's say you have advice that one on

this kind of battery and in whatever

case you don't have a replacement and

you also can't buy one because maybe

maybe it's Sunday night and all the

stores are closed so let's take a remote

for example say let's say n AC remote I

have an LED RGB or to be a little remote

right here well let's take an easy to

remove for example it's burning hot and

you can't turn on your AC because a

remote battery died so this remote has

this kind of battery inside which is a

button cell too so let's say this

battery died and looking everywhere you

don't have any placement so this is

where this trick come in handy so what