How to charge a Nintendo D's/3ds/3ds xl without the original charger

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did you lose your D as your treaty is

charger well hope this video helps you

out what's up guys it's funny yak here

and today I'll be showing you how you

can charge your yet or three D s without

the original charger so basically you

recently lost so if you basically lost

your charger you can also charge it with

a normal mobile roller charger which I

have here and as you can see this thing

is fatter and a charger is thinner and

you can't really plug it in well if you

like put it in and wiggle it and it

should slowly start to get in and now if

you plug your charger in it should start

charging and this works with a DS or 3ds

and I think it's also going to work with

a 3ds XL I'm pretty sure on maybe even

two DS well I hope this video helped you

out like it if if it helped you out and

comment and yeah hope you enjoyed this