Charge Nintendo 3DS without Original charger - USB Power Cable

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hey what's up YouTube

chicks it from chicks tech reviews and

today I want to show you a Nintendo 3ds

USB charger so this USB cable will allow

you to charge your Nintendo 3ds XL 2 DS

DSi or DSi XL from any USB port it's

convenient to travel with it's just a

small cable better than traveling with

that I'm going to quickly show you it


so you like a gold-plated finish it's

1.5 meters in length so it's standard

connection for your 3ds and you can

charge this in any USB port I've got my

portable charger here we'll just plug

this in and there you go you can see and

you can see that this is charging great

it's much more portable to carry and

take around then this saves you a lot of

space and gives you more flexibility I