How to charge your Nintendo 3ds/ds without the original cable

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hey everyone and welcome up to 83 so in

games and don't you know ever like your

charger broke or you love to charge at

like the airport or something so I'm

going to show you the thing you can do

that happened to you well I happened to

me I left it somewhere I would not know

like a place vacation but I had it

simply said thing II actually made my

King George and then walk sonya proof

right now I can play mark or I can play

all these games and you're going into

the bottom screen and I'll say right now

nothing off it but I'm pressing ok there

so what you'll want to do is if you have

like a those phone charges or ps3

charges ps2 controller torture it look

like this wait let me just focus on that

the lighting super bad it looks

something like that yeah like that if

you have a charger like that and you got