Review: XBOX 360 Play And Charge Kit

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what's going on guys my name is Ben how

are you guys doing today and what I have

for you today is a review of the Xbox

360 play in charge kit so this is the

black model right here and this product

is supposed to allow you to play your

game while your battery is still

charging not to mention this is supposed

to give you more than 30 hours of play

per charge so let's take a look at the

device itself so let's start off with

the battery first so as you can see this

looks like a regular battery cover that

you would find on the controller for the

Xbox 360 but if you turn it over that's

when you see a big difference you got

these gold points right here and of

course you got all the labeling back

here which doesn't really matter however

the battery pack is still the same size

it's just a little bit heavier than the