How to Install Boat Batteries and Onboard Chargers [36V]

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hey guys today we're going to be

installing them in Kota precision

charger MK 460 PC some of the notations

the four means it's for Bank and the

sixty mean it has a total of 60 amps

output which if you divide 60 by four

you're gonna get 15 amp output per Bank

since this is a 36 volt system in this

boat we're gonna have three batteries

running that trolling motor power supply

three of these banks will be dedicated

to the trolling motor batteries the

fourth bank we're gonna extend and hook

that up to our starting battery so on

this boat is that idle in the garage

plugged in to shore power all our

batteries are being maintained kept

fully charged when not in use the

precision Chargers are a little bit out

of the ordinary and that they're gonna

monitor the state of your batteries when