EverStart Battery MAXX | How to wire 12 Volt Premium Deep Cycle Batteries in Parallel

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welcome back to fixin to do it all as I

promised them on my previous videos I

have got four deep-cycle batteries here

I am going to show you something that I

have learned about them when having four

wired in parallel with each other I will

share that towards the end of the video

but as I want to point out I've got my

Schumacher battery charger here for 6

volt and 12 volt batteries this I did a

video on previously as well here I've

got four batteries there all four are of

equal their ever start purchased them

from Walmart they all have about the

same amperage hours but what's most

important is that when you're using

batteries in parallel with each other

for longer battery life you want to have

them all have the same charge that is

the most important well and and crank

output is is important to these are all