Airpods How To Charge - Airpods How To Charge Wireless - Airpods How To Charge Case Instructions

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hey guys in this video gonna be walking

you through how to charge your air pod

so when you open up your ear pods case

and the air pods are not in them and you

see an amber light what this means is

that your case is getting low on charge

and it means that there's less than one

a full charge that it could give to your

ear pods left in the charging a case now

of course to charge your air pods

it's really simple just go ahead and put

them in the charging case and you can

see that the light is green that means

that my air pods are fully charged if I

put them in the case and that light was

orange it would mean that there still is

some charging left to do with those air

pods now to charge the case if it's

wirelessly charge enabled that means if

you have a Qi wireless charger all you

have to do is have that plugged in put