Add A Battery To Your Vehicle For Charging Electronics

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so we did install a second battery with

an inverter and a power supply and I'm

going to show how those are all

connected into the car and I just want

to start with what we use it for so when

we're parked we need to do things like

charge our laptops charge our cell

phones headphones watches turn on lights

at night all that sort of miscellaneous

stuff and you do not want to use the car

starter battery because if you're off

campus in the woods you mean you might

not be able to start your car in the

morning so we have a second batteries

it's in the little milk crate here it's

this gray gel battery it's a sealed

battery so you can you know if it gets

knocked over it won't like spill stuff


it's a 12-volt and you can see there are

two thick clip connectors that we're