Charging a 24V battery bank from a 12V Alternator

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get at you campus once again we are

returning to the series on my electrical

system and this time I'm going to have a

look at the troll bridge installation

and the troll bridge is the piece of

electronics 11 path and 24 volt battery

sister from my cocoa alternator and pull

the troll bridge because the cheese or

trolling motor batteries let's have a

look at her and smaller than how it

works this is the troll bridge

24 that I'm putting into the day to

charge my 24 volt system for the

trolling motor and if you're running a

24 volt system you're tolling later and

course your outboard is going to have a

12 volt charger on it then you really do

need one of these in your boat I'll put

a link in the video description to where

you can buy these I think they're

breathing there's not a lot of working