Charging the Batteries in a 24V Military Vehicle

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hey guys how's it going me and my

growler here so yesterday I posted a

video and at the end I was talking about

a problem I was having with the turn

signal and so that problem actually

leads in today today's problem so after

that video I came back this morning to

check out the growler and move it and it

was in the starter with in this position

the run position and so that's kind of

like having the car with the keys in it

and turned on with the radio on so the

car itself was not running but you know

the accessories were available to be

used so same thing with this and that

led to a dead battery and so the other

part of the problem is that these

military vehicles have a system and you

can't just hook up a car battery with

jumper cables to this because apparently

you can fry or or mess up the