How to Connect your 24 Volt Trolling Motor with an Onboard Charging System

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so now we're going to show you how to do

a simple 24 volt system this is actually

the boat I use in the wintertime it's

going to totally clean up this

compartment the other thing I do with

this boat is this is a boat I take the

batteries in and out of when I'm not

using it so with the connective

simplicity I have the ability to simply

unhook I don't have to unhook all my

accessory wires they stay hooked up my

charger leads stay hooked up because of

this simple plug I can now take that

battery out of here as a sportsman I can

convert this battery right over to my

fish house for a winter time as well and

have multiple uses for my battery that's

just going to sit around most of the

time we sell these connectors separately

I can simply put one on my fish house

connection and I can transfer batteries