How to charge a 24 volt battery system on a D series MCI Motorcoach / Bus

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okay this particular coach at a mint

right now is a D 102 series MCI coach

this particular unit here the battery

compartment is along the side you have

your fuel compartment here where you add

your fuel and here's where you access

your batteries which are shut off so to

access this you just pull your door open

Fleur prop whoo and then you can use

your mechanism here to lock this door

like so so then you can stand back and

see what it is that you're dealing with

so here you have your your shutoff for

your master disconnect and your

batteries down below as you can see this

particular unit we also have your your

your chalk three wheels if you need them

you have your your triangles for

emergency and some extra belts and

whatnot okay as you can see I put some

new batteries in a couple of notes here