Charging A Drill Battery Without An "Official" Charger

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hey everybody welcome back I've been

playing with this thing here this is

that drill I got from bang good I'll put

an affiliate link in the description if

you want to get your own but this thing

is a forty some dollar drill which is a

knockoff of a Makita and it even takes

Makita batteries but the deal is that

these batteries here are actually the

same price as a charger for these

batteries so this one this battery

itself came from Amazon and it was like

30 bucks and if I want to charger for

this thing I need to shell out another

30 bucks so I haven't yet charged this

so there's three out of four bars on

this but how the heck am I going to

charge this thing well I'm here to tell

you that if you're an electronics

hobbyist you probably have what it takes

to charge this thing at home or